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Devon is an experienced nationwide provider of safe, clean and affordable storage for thousands of customers around the country and is looking forward to meeting and exceeding your storage needs. With more than twenty years of experience in the industry, our store managers are specially trained to make the "Devon Difference" by placing the emphasis on the "customer" not just the "transaction". Our goal is to maintain a culture of exceptiontionalism in every aspect of your storage experience, from on-line shopping to customer service to merchandise sales. Please enter your city, state or zip code above and experience the "Devon Difference".
Welcome to Devon Self Storage
As the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Devon, I would like to welcome you to our world of storage. In today’s market place we understand that there are many storage options available to you as the consumer – so on behalf of Devon, I would like to thank you personally or providing us with the opportunity to meet your storage needs. Since its founding in 1988, Devon has worked to set the standard in the storage industry by taking an active role  both at the national and local level.  As one of the top fifteen storage providers in the country we are constantly striving to better understand the storage communities we serve and take a proactive approach in meeting and exceeding the needs of our customers. To that end, Devon’s website has recently undergone a series of enhancements with the goal of providing a more “user friendly” storage shopping experience for both existing and new customers. Detailed descriptions and photos of each of our storage facilities are now available on the web page as well as on-line payment and reservation options. We would greatly appreciate any comments you have regarding the quality of our enhancements. In this digital day and age, Devon understands how important the virtual medium is to engaging and staying connected with our customer base and for better or worse your feedback is critical to our ability to maintain a meaningful on-line experience. With all that said, the storage business is still a personal one. Unfortunately you can’t store your couch in the cloud. So when you reach the point in your storage journey where you are ready to make that personal connection, we invite you to reach out to Devon’s team of seasoned storage professionals and experience the “Devon Difference” first hand. Thank you again for stopping by.
Kenneth E. Nitzberg
Chairman & CEO of Devon Self Storage