About Devon Self Storage

We’re in the business of providing peace of mind - our goal is to truly provide the best self storage solution for our customers.

We’ve worked hard to become a leader in a large industry. We’re trusted for a reason: Our employees are experts in self storage and welcome the opportunity to help our customers and provide high-quality, clean storage space. From the security features to accessibility, everything we do promotes our customer’s confidence in us.


24 Years of Service

Devon Self Storage Holdings (US) LLC (“Devon”) is an employee-owned, private real estate company founded in 1988. Devon has a major market presence in the United States and internationally with projects in Holland, Germany, and France and is ranked as one of the top 15 self storage operators in the U.S.

  • 183 Facilities

    Owned or operated In Devon Self Storage’s 24 year history.

  • 20+ Years

    Making customers happy in the Self Storage Industry.

  • 24 States

    Including Alabama, California, Georgia, Illinois and more.

  • 3 European Countries

    Facilities in The Netherlands, France & Germany.

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For Facility Owners

For Facility Owners

After years of success, we are committed to helping other self storage business owners successfully run their self storage business with our value-added service portfolio.

Whether we are tasked to turn around a struggling site or maximize profits through expansion and revenue management, Devon has the flexibility and expertise to guide each property to profitability.

Request a free audit today to determine how together we can increase the value of your assets.

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  • Marketing

    Optimize digital marketing tactics including social media, SEO, and paid media placements. Manage where your customers are coming from with lead tracking.

  • Unit Rentals

    Provide access to our professional call center and added resources. Streamline the referral and reservation processes.

  • Customer Relations

    Promote referral generation. Distribute customer surveys. Target repeat customers.

  • Economic Oversight

    Calculate rental rate maximization. Ensure rent collection. Evaluate inventory.

  • Property Maintenance

    Conduct a monthly physical audit. Maintain a preventative maintenance program. Oversee third-party vendor selections.


Kenneth E. Nitzberg

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Nitzberg co-founded Devon in 1988 and, as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, is responsible for overseeing Devon’s overall operations. Mr. Nitzberg formulated Devon’s original business plan, which included raising capital to fund the company’s initial operations, assembling a staff of professionals, and starting Devon’s operations.

Gregory W. Mackay

Senior Vice President – Acquisitions

Mr. Mackay is Devon’s Senior Vice President of Acquisitions, responsible for market penetration, target market acquisitions, and sourcing transactions through local brokers, developers, and principals. Mr. Mackay joined Devon in 1993 as Senior Vice President of Operations to develop a growth-minded infrastructure.

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