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Illustration of young woman standing out front of a college while wearing cap and gown and holding her diploma.

How Organization and Planning Can Help You Land a Job After Graduation

After four years of hard work and dedication – not to mention a little bit of fun – graduation day … Read More >

Summer/Spring Q1 2019 Newsletter

Q1 – Newsletter Spring.Summer 2019

Illustration of man with headphones enjoying music from a record player while a crate of records sits nearby and the springtime sun shines through the window.

The Resurgence of Records: Vinyl Record Storage

Let’s face it – a vinyl record renaissance is upon us. Since 2007, the sale of vinyl records has steadily … Read More >

Illustration of man standing in front of garage while placing items in boxes for donation after using the KonMari Method™.

How Minimizing Clutter Can Create Joy: The KonMari Method™

Since the rise of American consumer culture in the 1920s, our society has steadily maintained the idea that success, happiness, … Read More >

Business man struggles holding a large stack of paperwork next to an open window with the spring sun shining in.

The Psychological Benefits of Spring Cleaning: Document Organization

With springtime quickly approaching, you’re likely going to feel a spark of inspiration to deep clean your house, tend to … Read More >

A college student making a list on a notepad. She is surrounded by boxes.

Storage Tips for Students Navigating a Transition

As a college student, you have plenty of to-dos on your schedule. Figuring out where to keep your stuff during … Read More >

A woman hanging a chambray shirt in a closet

Handling Your Hand-Me-Downs: What to Do With Your Excess Clothing

Most of us have at least a few pieces of clothing taking up space in our closets that never see … Read More >


What’s in My Storage Unit?

At Devon Self Storage, reserving and renting a storage unit is an easy process. But what about actually putting your … Read More >

A couple moving a sofa in a mostly empty living room

Tips for Carrying Large Belongings Without Straining Yourself

Moving can be a pain, but the right techniques and tools help prevent injuries and reduce soreness. Devon Self Storage, … Read More >

a self storage unit open to see Santa Claus with his sleigh inside

Self Storage Santa Closets: Your Slice of the North Pole

It’s that time of year again; the halls have been decked, the bells are jingling, and Santa Claus is preparing … Read More >