Fall Storage Tips for Businesses

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The start of fall is one of the coziest and most enjoyable times of the year. As the leaves change color and the temperatures outside get colder, it’s also the perfect time to make sure your storage items are protected.

Whether it’s swapping out your summer decor for fall decor, placing summer clothing in storage, or storing away a vehicle for the season, self storage is an ideal solution for many people. At Devon Self Storage, we offer a wide variety of storage unit options, allowing you to find the right fit for you. Plus, with many advanced storage features available, you can have peace of mind knowing your business supplies and inventory are secure.

Keep reading to learn more about fall inventory storage and all the ways that renting fall storage for businesses can benefit your company.

Fall Inventory Storage

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If you’re wondering how to store business inventory or how to protect business assets as the seasons change, our team of storage experts has your back. Check out our storage tips and packing tips pages to learn more about how to prepare your things before you take them into your unit. Additionally, we have many packing and moving supplies available for purchase on-site, including boxes, tape, bubble wrap, and more.

Seasonal Storage for Businesses

Do you have seasonal items related to your business that you need to store? You have options at Devon Self Storage. Whether it’s lawn equipment, furniture, sporting equipment, or decorations, we have the space to store them. Many of our storage facilities offer climate-controlled storage units in several convenient sizes, giving you additional coverage for your more temperature-sensitive items.

Climate Controlled Self Storage for Businesses

Our climate-controlled storage units allow you to maintain a more consistent temperature inside your storage unit, providing a more stable environment for your storage items.. When you rent one of our climate-controlled storage options, you can rest assured that your storage unit will remain at a steady temperature inside, despite changing temperatures outside.

Fall Storage Checklist for Businesses

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Before placing your items in your new storage unit, you’ll want to be sure you’re prepared. This includes buying the right packing and moving supplies, taking inventory of items you plan to store, and packing them properly. Our storage experts at Devon Self Storage have created a fall storage checklist for businesses to help make sure you’re ready to move into your storage unit.

Take Inventory of Your Items

The first thing you’ll want to do is to take inventory of the items you plan to store. Having a sense of how many items you need to store can simplify the packing process and help you stay organized. Once you have the full list of items that will go to your storage unit, you can begin to visualize how you will organize and sort them to make the process easier.

Pack Up Items for Storage

To ensure a smooth and secure moving experience, it’s important that you have the right equipment. For example, the type of boxes you use to pack up your belongings can make a big difference. Both cardboard boxes and plastic totes can have different benefits. Depending on the type of items you’re packing and the amount, you might need to change which material you use.

For heavier items such as books, we recommend using smaller boxes. Utilizing large cardboard boxes for heavier items can cause your box to break and make it harder to carry. Large cardboard boxes are ideal for items such as clothing or linens that take up a lot of room but aren’t heavy. Some people prefer plastic totes because they can easily transport all kinds of items and are sturdy, long-lasting, and durable.

Label and Organize Your Storage Items

A woman sits at her desk writing on sticky note labels for boxes.As you are packing up your items for storage, it can be helpful to label them and have an organizing system for your items. You can label each box by the content or by the destination they came from. It can be beneficial as well to categorize your items as you go along. You can put similar items into the same box, that way you don’t have to go digging for your items.

If you had to play jenga as you were packing up your items and didn’t organize them inside the boxes, no problem! You can simply label the box on the outside. Additionally, when you are unloading your boxes into your storage unit, it can be helpful to have an organization system set up inside your storage unit. Ideally, you could situate the boxes based on their category, or place boxes you know you’ll need access to up at the front.

Free Up Space in Your Business with Devon Self Storage

Maximize space in your business and find your storage solution at Devon Self Storage. We offer a wide selection of storage unit options, allowing you to find the right storage solution for your business. Plus, many of our storage facilities offer advanced convenience and security features such as gated access and extended access hours to make storing your supplies and inventory a breeze. Find the nearest Devon Self Storage storage facility to you to rent or reserve your business storage unit today!



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