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03 Feb
Man unpacking storage box.
Handle With Care: Tips for Storing Heirlooms & Antiques

Many times those things that are most precious to us are also the ones that are most delicate and fragile – family heirlooms that have been handed down over generations, treasured collectibles, valuable antiques. You want to give these things extra care when packing and storing because they are important and because they need it....

02 Jan
Family holding keys to storage unit.
5 Tips to Make Winter Move a Success | Devon Self Storage

Most moves take place in spring and summer when the days are longer and the weather is more predictable, but sometimes waiting until summer or spring isn’t an option. If you are faced with moving in the winter, take heart. For one thing, moving companies are easier to schedule in winter and often offer significant...

06 Dec
Man holding storage boxes.
Give Your Hobby A Superpower of Self Storage | Devon Self Storage

It feels good to get creative, and self storage can level up your hobbies like never before! There’s just something special about having a dedicated space solely dedicated to whatever fuels your inner flame. From your own personal art storage center to a private collection of your finest wines, here are some hobbies superpowered by...

01 Nov
Man reaching in storage box.
5 Priceless Tips for Your Move This Fall

Moving during the fall has a lot of benefits. For one, peak moving season is over – meaning you’re likely to get the best rates from moving and self storage companies! Even so, there are some things you’ll want to keep in mind to make your move-in a success this season. Check out our handy...

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