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Golf Storage in Palm Springs

Palm Springs is home to some of the most beautiful golf courses in the world. Visitors and residents who plan to take to the Desert Willow Firecliff course – or … Read More >

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Why Climate Controlled Storage?

In the South, temperatures often skyrocket in the summer, while the humidity sets in like a thick blanket throughout Memphis and the surrounding areas. While this hot, sticky air makes … Read More >


New Devon Self Storage website launches April 1

Partnering with Go Local Interactive, Devon Self Storage upgraded our website on Tuesday April 1st. The new site features an improved look, new mobile design, and the ability for customers to … Read More >

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Almost that time again! Using Storage to help De-Clutter and Distress the Holidays

The holidays are quickly approaching and there is so much to do.  We must all remember we are not Martha Stewart! We need help at times.  De-cluttering is the trick … Read More >

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Spring Cleaning 2013

It’s that time of year again – Spring Cleaning! Some think this is an out-dated practice, but honestly, it’s a great opportunity to get life in order again. Let’s face … Read More >

Classic Record Collection

Keeping the Vinyl Safe: Storing a Record Collection Safely

So, have you been keeping those vinyl records you’ve had since you were a teenager? Or, maybe you’re a budding millennial who happens to like the sound of the vinyl … Read More >

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How to Prepare Your Vehicle For Long Term Storage

  Whether you are a collector of cars or traveling abroad, there are many reasons you might need to store your vehicle for an extended period of time.  Taking a … Read More >

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How to De-clutter Your Home

  People are constantly accumulating more “stuff” in their homes, but rarely throw things out.  As your house fills up, your productivity goes down.  It becomes harder to find things … Read More >

Self-Storage No-Nos

Self-Storage offers its customers a great deal of flexibility of what you’re allowed to store, but there are a few exceptions.   The following list of items are typically forbidden from … Read More >

Devon Self Storage – East Lansing

During the Second quarter of 2012, Devon welcomed its latest addition to its family of national self-storage facilities. A 60,000 square foot storage facility located at 4200 Hunsaker St., East … Read More >