Let our list of helpful tips keep your items safe and secure during the moving and storage process.

  • — Keep the items you use most near the front of your unit for easier access.
  • — Make a center aisle to allow easy access to your items.
  • — Place boxes on pallets or skids rather than leaving them on concrete floors to maintain airflow.
  • — Get the most out of your unit space, remove furniture legs and store tabletops sideways.
  • — Prevent old photographs from curling by placing them between pieces of cardboard and taping them together.
  • — Make sure no gasoline or oil is left in items with engines, such as lawnmowers or leaf blowers.
  • — Check state laws to determine what items you’re allowed to store.
  • — Store shovels, hoses, rakes, and other outdoor supplies in trash cans or other containers.
  • — Cover mattresses and store flat.
  • — For items with wooden surfaces, treat (before storing) and cover them.
  • — Keep metal items from rusting by wiping surfaces with a rag coated in machine oil.
  • — Make sure your unit has effective locks – we sell them as well, so be sure to ask your site manager for a recommendation.
  • — Rent a climate controlled unit if you have items sensitive to extreme temperatures.
  • — Store large pieces of furniture on their side to preserve space.

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