Tips to Declutter Your Home

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As the temperature drops, it’s likely that you’ll start spending more time in your home rather than outdoors. In order to make sure your home is a pleasant and comfortable place for you and your family to cozy up for the winter, it’s essential that your home is organized and clear of clutter. Here’s how to organize your home, tips for a cluttered home, and how a declutter checklist can help you prepare for the winter. 

The task of cleaning and organizing your home can be overwhelming, especially when you don’t know where to start. Before you dive into the task, create a game plan that will help you get the job done. Determine whether you want to conquer the task within a day, a weekend, or over the course of a few days. If your home needs a lot of decluttering, don’t force yourself to try and get everything done in one day. Next, you’ll want to go room to room and make a declutter checklist of all the things you want to address in each room. What you need to address in the kitchen may be drastically different from what you need to address in the living room. Make a checklist designated for each room. Finally, if you have any helping hands, divide up the tasks between people to help things go faster. 

Decluttering and organizing your home doesn’t have to be boring. While you’re cleaning, crank up the tunes and jam out to your favorite music to help make the task more enjoyable. If you have young children, create games and contests while cleaning to help keep them excited and engaged.

Categorize Your Belongings

Start by going through each room and categorizing your belongings into four groups: keep, throw away, store, and donate. When sorting through all of your items, some of the things you want to ask yourself include:

  • When was the last time I used this?
  • Do I have duplicates of this item?
  • Does this item hold sentimental value?
  • Could someone else benefit from this item more than I can?
  • Is this item useful or necessary?
  • Can I repurpose this item to use it more?

After asking these questions, you’ll slowly start to see yourself getting rid of things you don’t need anymore.

Get a Storage Unit

Don’t feel like you have to get rid of everything causing clutter in your home; if you have belongings that you don’t want to get rid of but are also taking up a lot of space in your home, store them in a self storage unit. Self storage units come in plenty of sizes and can serve as your personal storage away from home that you can visit when you need to. Many people store bulky furniture, seasonal clothes, holiday decorations, family photos, and more in a storage unit to help reduce clutter in their homes.

Organize, Organize, Organize

Now that you’re left with the only items needed for your home, it’s time to start organizing. A big reason that homes are often cluttered is that there’s not a designated space to put things. Take a look at the cabinets, shelves, and storage space you already have, and think about the ways you can organize and declutter. Utilize boxes, bins, and labels to help create a home for all of your belongings to live. Here are ways you can organize in specific rooms within your home:


Clutter in the kitchen usually lives on the counters and in the pantry. To help declutter your kitchen, take advantage of the cabinets and drawers to stay organized.  If you have limited space, use hooks and shelves to store things along the walls. In the pantry, go through all of your food, and organize them into groups such as boxes of pasta, canned goods, snacks, etc. This way, your pantry will be less overwhelming and you’ll be able to find what you need much easier.


The main area of clutter in bedrooms is typically in closets and dressers. Organize your clothes by emptying your drawers, categorizing items, and organizing them back into your drawers. Take an extra step by using drawer organizers to help keep things in order. Repeat this process for your closet, and purchase shelves and shoe organizers for additional spaces.

In children’s rooms, use shelves and bins to help organize books and toys. To help keep children’s rooms decluttered in the future, rotate toys instead of having all of their toys out at once.


A cluttered bathroom can truly put a damper on bath time. Similar to the other rooms in your home, you can declutter your bathroom by going through your cupboard and getting rid of expired medicines and toiletries you don’t use anymore. If your bathroom isn’t equipped with a lot of storage space, consider buying shelves and drawers to store additional items in. 

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