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Now that the holidays are over, it’s time to take down all those decorations. These helpful tips and tricks will simplify the process while helping you avoid damage and making sure your home looks just as festive next holiday season.

Focus on Storage Containers

Garlands, ornaments, menorahs, life-sized yard inflatables, dancing Santa figurines, endless strings of holidays lights – you have it all. But instead of stuffing all that festive holiday decor back in flimsy cardboard boxes and bins with missing lids, try repurposing some plastic containers or even checking out your local thrift store for reusable storage solutions.

Reuse and recycle containers you already have on hand – we call it shopping at home! Browse through the garage, check your linen closet, or look in spare rooms to see if there are any containers you can repurpose as bins for your seasonal decor.

When in doubt, there are plenty of places to purchase specialty seasonal storage containers. Check out this handy ornament stack-and-carry box from Target, or these eco-friendly wreath storage boxes from The Container Store.

How to Store Delicate Items

Whether you’re looking for a safe space for grandma’s antique holiday village or want to make sure the glass ornament collection doesn’t get squished in your garage, count on Devon Self Storage to house your specialty decor. From small, closet-sized units to climate-controlled options, you’ll find what you need to store those precious holiday collectibles with one of our premium self storage units.

For those extra-fragile items, be sure to use a padded storage box or carefully bubble wrap each of the pieces before storing them. Put heavier items at the bottom of your containers and make sure that they are kept away from moisture, extreme temperature changes, or places where they’re at risk of being damaged.

Label Everything

After each storage box is packed away, be sure to label each container – whether you’re relying on a label maker to help you out or just ripping off a piece of tape and writing on it with a marker, you’ll find that labeling makes a massive difference! Next year, you’ll have a much easier time finding your decor, no matter if it’s tucked away under the bed, sitting up on a shelf in the garage, or put away in an organized self storage unit.

From packing and moving supplies like boxes and bubble wrap to specialty climate-controlled units, you’ll find exactly what you need at Devon Self Storage. Count on us to make pulling out your seasonal decor (or any other belongings) as simple as can be with a dedicated storage space. For more handy organizational tips and tricks, check out our other posts at the Devon Self Storage blog.

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