How To Store Camping Gear When You Have a Small Home

A disadvantage to a small home is that you have limited space to store a variety of items. While there are ways to maximize space in your home, some items take up valuable space. For example, sporting equipment or camping gear may not fit in a hall closet or in the garage. Learn how you can free up space at home, and make room for the items most important to you.

Choosing the Right Spot

While you can utilize spare bedrooms, closets, basements, and your garage to store extra items, it may not be ideal. Finding a way to conveniently store your items in your home without it being a distraction is key. We’ll walk through tips and tricks on freeing up space in your home, allowing you to have peace of mind.

Storing Camping Gear

With camping comes a variety of equipment and gear. Depending on the style of camping you prefer, your inventory will differ. From tents, water bottles, food containers, firewood, appliances, fishing poles, hammocks, and more, it can add up fast. 

For smaller camping gear such as appliances and tools, it’s relatively easy to store in a garage organizer. However, if you have tents, fishing poles, wood, and other larger items, it may be more difficult to find a good spot at home.

Camping Storage Hacks

Although it may seem inconvenient to invest in storage organization items such as bins, totes, wire racks, or shelves, it can help declutter your home and allow more storage space. Plus, when there is less clutter around your home, it can put your mind at ease. Finding different ways to effectively store your belongings can be more helpful than you might think


When deciding what type of chairs to take on a camping trip, keep in mind having to find a space to store your chairs while not using them. Folding or lawn chairs aren’t as complicated to store as you can easily stack and fold them to store in a corner or a closet. Additionally, fold up chairs are easier to transfer. 

Sleeping Bags

Sleeping bags are practical for camping, and are easier to store in compact spaces. Whether you squeeze a sleeping bag on top of a shelf or inside a storage bin, it’s an easier item to store than others. You can even hang up a sleeping bag and store it loosely to keep it clean and dry.


Tarps can be tricky because they come in many different sizes and types and they are often bulky. If you have to store a tarp in the garage, it wouldn’t be a risk as they’re designed to withstand the elements. However, since tarps take up a lot of space, you’d probably rather utilize that space for tools, vehicles, and lawn equipment.

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