How to Hide Presents This Holiday Season

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If you’re a parent, you probably know that one of the best gifts of the holiday season is seeing your kids open their presents. However, in order to get to that wonderful moment, you have to successfully hide those presents, which is no easy task. After all, kids are curious and tend to be a bit impatient, especially when it comes to gifts. You might remember what it’s like to look at the calendar and see the big day so far away. It’s tough! If you were ever tempted to search for your gifts and get a sneak peek, your kids probably are, too. Luckily, we have a few tips on how to keep your gifts a secret this year. 

1. Avoid Obvious Hiding Spots

There are some spots that you should cross off your list right away for hiding spots. For example, your closet or a chest are common places that parents typically choose to hide presents. Get creative with your hiding game this year, and think outside of the box, literally. Whether it’s hiding them behind cleaning supplies or in a dresser they won’t bother checking, give it a try.

2. Don’t Recycle Past Hiding Spots

It is also a good rule of thumb to not reuse hiding places that your kids have discovered before. Even if it was for a different occasion, such as a birthday, you should avoid it. They will probably check the spots they remember first. You’d be surprised at a kid’s memory – which is why it is important to be creative when choosing your next present hiding spot. If you’ve run out of hiding spot ideas in your home, it may be time to expand outside of your home. 

3. Find Spots Out of Kids’ Reach

Once you’ve eliminated obvious hiding spots or hiding spots you’ve already used, look for spots that will be hard for your kids to reach easily, such as a high shelf or pantry. They’d have to figure out a way to reach the higher hiding spots, which might take a while and would put them at greater risk of being caught, therefore deterring them from checking the higher points. 

4. Disguise Presents as Boring Adult Items

Cardboard box full of Christmas presents

If you’ve run out of good places that you haven’t already used to hide the presents, you could try disguising them by blending them into your work items or documents.  Simply put the gifts in a big box labeled “tax documents” and keep it in your office area. Another idea would be to put them in a box placed inside a filing cabinet or desk drawer. A bonus would be utilizing a filing cabinet that locks, so they can’t even peek inside your drawers. It’s a risky gambit, perhaps, but it could pay off come Christmas Day. 

Utilize a Self Storage Unit as the Ultimate Hiding Spot

Of course, even the best Christmas present hiding spot in your house has one big problem: your kid lives there! And if your kid is obsessed enough about finding those gifts, there’s a good chance of them finding the gifts eventually. You could store the presents at work, but how secure is that? However, a place away from home that is secure and away from your kids’ prying fingers is a storage unit.

At Devon Self Storage, we offer a wide selection of storage units and advanced storage features that allow you to store a variety of items – including presents. With a wide variety of storage unit sizes from 5’ x 5’ to 10’ x 30’, you can find the right storage unit for you. Whether you have a bike you’re attempting to hide or smaller gift bags, you can find the perfect unit size. Our 5’ x 5’ storage units are comparable to a closet or half bathroom, perfect for smaller gifts such as clothing, art, electronics, and more. Our larger storage units, however, that are up to 10’ can hold bikes, skateboards, and any other large items you may have. 

When you store your items at Devon Self Storage, you can have peace of mind knowing your storage items are protected from the elements. With modern storage features available at most of our storage facilities including digital video recording, gated access, and fully-fenced properties, there are multiple layers of protection set up to keep your items secure. Browse our unit size guide or rent or reserve your storage unit at Devon Self Storage today! 


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