5 Ways Decluttering Can Improve Your Life

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Decluttering your home can have many positive effects on your life beyond just making it more attractive. Clearing the clutter (and keeping it that way) positively impacts your mental and physical health in more ways than you can imagine. Keep reading to learn where to start decluttering and how it improves your life.

1. Allows for a Better Routine

Imagine waking up in the morning, getting ready for work, putting on a pot of coffee, and easing into your day. We all want to spend less time stumbling around trying to remember where we last set down the car keys or where we put those important meeting notes from last week.

Starting off your morning with less distraction sets the tone for a more focused, productive day. And a clutter-free, organized space means that you can come home, kick your shoes off (don’t forget to put them away), whip up some dinner, and relax into your evening.

2. There’s a Home for Everything

Are you feeling uneasy just thinking about opening the garage door? What about that one room inside your home you avoid like the plague? It’s time to get inspired, pack up, donate, toss, or store away the extra clutter in your life!

Living in a tidy space simplifies your surroundings – where each item has a designated spot. Opening up your garage and knowing exactly where everything is gives us the greatest sense of calm. Your home becomes a place of order, rather than a place of chaos.

3. More Time for the Important Things

With increasingly packed schedules and busier days, it can be tough to balance life. Keeping your home in order helps you to connect more with those important moments you cherish most. Pack up that extra spare bedroom and turn it into your hobby space or clean out your garage for the ultimate shop set up. Clear the clutter and spend more time doing the things you love.

4. Room for Healthy Habits

Not only does a constant state of mess have a significant impact on your mental well-being, it also has a powerful impact on your physical health. Stress from our surroundings directly affects our daily routine and overall mental state. Get organized to let healthy habits like eating better, sleeping more restfully, and feeling more energized kick in.

5. Elevated Mood

Clutter has the effect of overloading your senses. The stress is exasperated because you cannot maintain your environment, which can increasingly escalate as the disarray in your home grows. With excess mess, you misplace items, waste time looking for things, and have general feelings of overwhelm – Which proves exactly why decluttering is good for you!

Pick up the unnecessary items, clean off crowded surfaces, and put away less-used items in a storage space to positively alter your emotional well-being.

Get inspired, get started, and watch your life improve with a tidy, organized home. For additional lifestyle, storage, and decluttering tips, head over to the Devon Self Storage blog today.

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