5 Must-See Museums in Grand Rapids, MI

Young man looking through an art gallery at a museum.

A fixture of their local communities, museums act as an embodiment of the historical, cultural, and societal impact of a region or community at large. Deep in the heart of Michigan, Grand Rapids and its collection of museums are no exception.

Containing some of the best museums in Michigan, Grand Rapids is jam-packed with numerous historical, cultural, and educational hot spots to fill your day. Let our team at Devon Self Storage give you an extensive look at five must-see museums to explore in Grand Rapids, MI.

Why You Should Go to Museums in Grand Rapids, MI

Exploring the many museums of Grand Rapids, MI, is a rewarding experience that provides a unique set of benefits unlike any other activity. Some of the benefits you can gain from exploring the best museums in Grand Rapids include the following:

  • Learn more about the local area and the world at large with the many exhibits in these museums.
  • Visiting a museum is an entertaining attraction that combines education with an interactive experience.
  • Social aspects. Going to a museum is also a great excuse to get together with friends and family.
  • Getting out of the house. Simply getting out of the house to a museum can be enough to put a smile on your face.

Top Museums in Grand Rapids, MI

Once you gain an understanding as to why museums make for great outings, it’s hard not to get excited about your visit. But in a town as big as Grand Rapids, you’ll find it difficult to pick which museum to visit. Read on to get a glimpse of the best museums and overall things to do in Grand Rapids, MI.

Skyline of Grand Rapids, MI, at sunset.

1. Grand Rapids Public Museum

With the tagline “spark your curiosity,” the Grand Rapids Public Museum aims to help its patrons do just that with three floors filled with science, history, and culture. Inside the grand building, you’ll find a wide range of exhibits. These include a 1928 Spillman Carousel, a recreation of the Grand Rapids streets from the 1890s, and a complete finback whale skeleton named Finney. At the end of your visit, you can visit the museum’s planetarium and take in a view of the stars.

2. Grand Rapids Children’s Museum

If you have children with lots of energy to burn, then a visit to the Grand Rapids Children’s Museum is your ideal choice for a day out. This grand, two-floor museum is filled with an ever-changing line of interactive activities and exhibits. On top of this, there’s an extensive line of events and programs occurring year-round at the museum.

3. Gerald R. Ford Presidential Museum

The Gerald R. Ford Presidential Museum is an archive detailing the life and work of former U.S. President Gerald R. Ford, who grew up in the Grand Rapids area. Inside the museum, you’ll find numerous collections and exhibits detailing the history that President Ford personally contributed to. There’s even a full-sized replica of the Oval Office for visitors to tour!

4. Grand Rapids Art Museum

If you have any art lovers in your family or friend group, treat them to a visit to the Grand Rapids Art Museum. With a combination of permanent and constantly rotating exhibits of numerous artists, movements, and eras, you’ll experience the variety of styles and imaginations of some of the world’s greatest artists, including pieces by Andy Warhol, Gordon Parks, and more.

Young girl looking at an interactive exhibit at a museum.

5. Frederik Meijer Gardens & Sculpture Park

Among the best things to do in Grand Rapids, the Frederik Meijer Gardens & Sculpture Park is a sprawling and diverse landscape of sculptures, plant life, indoor art exhibits, and more. Alongside its year-round events and exhibitions, the park is known for hosting numerous summer concerts for people across the community and beyond to enjoy.

Tips on Visiting Museums in Grand Rapids, MI

Visiting a museum is an enriching experience that’s hard to pass up when given the opportunity. However, there are ways you can better prepare yourself, your friends, and your family for your visit to a museum, such as those in Grand Rapids. Here are some tips to help you best prepare for your visit.

  • Plan and buy tickets ahead of time
  • Avoid taking photos while inside the museum
  • Find a museum guide either online or in person
  • Dress corresponding to the museum you visit
  • Find a cheap but memorable souvenir

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