9275 Macon Road Cordova TN 38016

Public Auction at Devon Self Storage at 9275 Macon Road, Cordova, TN 38016. The Property contained in the units will be sold to satisfy the Owner’s lien for rent under the Tennessee Self Storage Facility Act.  Property contained in the units will be sold to the highest bidder via an online auction at www.storagetreasures.com.  Online bidding will begin on March 3, 2022, at 10 AM and will continue until March 15, 2022 at 10 AM.  Devon Self Storage reserves the right to set minimum bids and to refuse bids.  Please refer to www.storagetreasures.com for all other terms and conditions governing the bidding and auction process.


PUBLISHED 03/31/2022


Unit Name Items
 3058  Drexel Woods   Dollies, Grill, Mattress & box spring, laundry hamper, fishing rods, clothes, ice chests, TV, Dining table, Boxes, outdoor equipment, Clothes, shoes, dresser
 3063  Gerald Burgess  Boxes, shelving, picture frames, dresser, coffee table, sled, stereo system, wicker basket, dishes
 4035 Brittni Smith Stroller, Mattress, headboard, storage chest, boxes, storage rack, clothing, shoes
 4048  Athena Legrand Boxes, steam mop, bags
 4056 William Helton Washing machine, Bikes, Ice chest, pictures, tire, clothing
 5107  Ashley Parson  Manikins, suitcase, folding chairs, toys, plastic table, boxes, kitchen ware, sewing machine, toy atv, totes
 5111 Talisha Crawford Totes, boxes, office chair, bed frame, shelving, lamps, toys, coffee table
 5166 Talisha Crawford  Chairs, side table, bed frames, boxes, dresser rug
 4070 Tommie Marshall Fan, couch, shelving, mattress, box spring, wire rack, luggage, cabinet, bags, table, Christmas tree
 5222  Shayla Green Couch, totes
 5236 Alicia Hall  Space heater, grill, boxes, totes, vanity, laptop, chairs, box fan, Christmas decor
 5429  Deborah Coleman  Chairs, TV, boxes, cooler, Christmas décor, car seat, totes, heater/humidifier, clothes