5141 American Way Memphis TN 38115

Public Auction at Devon Self Storage 5141 American Way Memphis TN 38115. The Property contained in the units will be sold to satisfy the Owner’s lien for rent under the Tennessee Self Storage Facility Act.  Property contained in the units will be sold to the highest bidder via an online auction at www.storagetreasures.com.  Online bidding will begin on 7/04/2022 at 10 AM and will continue until 7/18/2022 at 10 AM.  Devon Self Storage reserves the right to set minimum bids and to refuse bids.  Please refer to www.storagetreasures.com for all other terms and conditions governing the bidding and auction process.


PUBLISHED: 6/28/2022


Unit Name Items
B005 Michael Shirley Chest,Drawer,Table,Microwave,Bed,Mattress,Chair,Mirror
D002 Chaquetta Henderson Drawers,Couches,Pillows,Picture
D036 Johnathan Adams Clothes, Basket, Totes, Odd & Inthing
 D052  Khalil Calixte  Shoes,Bags,Totes,Picture,Toys,Piano,Keyboard,Carseat,Couches,Bed


 F025 Jerrica Howard Boxes,Totes,Pictures,Chairs,Barstools,Tables,TV stand,Flowers,Trash can, Microwave, Bags
 C047  Mela Thompson  Mirror,Washer,Dryer,Totes,Clothes,Toys,Pictures,Tables,Couches,Beds,Fakes Trees, Chairs, Stand, Deep Freezer
 C006 Qurtez Crump  Boxes, Tv’s, Baskets, stands, beds, shoes, clothes, watches
 E022  Steven Thompson Mattress, Couches, Blankets, Drawers, Chest, TV stand, Box Springs, Boxes, Pillow, Rails
 H005 Shantel Watts  Mattress, Piano, Suitcase,lamp,table,boxes,totes,pictures
 H008  Lakera Thomas Bags,Purse,Clothes,Boxes,Bikes,Suitcase,Cars,mattress
 H018 Latercia Thomas  Shoes,Totes,Clothes,Bed,Boxspring,Mattress,Couches,Drawers
 C039  Prentiss Hayes  Bags,Totes,Trash Cans,Shoes,Pictures, Kitchen Things, Baskets, Kids Cars, Car Parts