Devon Self Storage Construction Management

With a senior management team that has worked together for over 20 years and managed over $2 billion in real estate assets, Devon Self Storage is the company you can trust for construction management. We have experience handling every step in the property construction process, from acquisition to design to contract administration.

Our close relationships with major real estate brokerage firms in the self storage sector give us a unique advantage and insight that can take your construction management project to the next level. The following services are just a fraction of what you’ll get when you partner with Devon.

Acquisition, Expansion, and Renovation

  • Purchase new properties to expand existing portfolio
  • Expand existing properties making use of excess space
  • Renovate existing properties by going vertical or replacing end of cycle products

Feasibility Studies

  • Study cost benefits of Acquisition, Expansion, and Renovation
  • Determine site suitability within the market

Architectural Design and Engineering

  • Develop conceptual plans for review and feasibility
  • Prepare construction documents with architects and engineers for permitting

Zoning and Permitting

  • Review zoning and code compliance
  • Manage zoning and building variance processes
  • Obtain building, municipal, and regulatory permits

Budget Development and Construction Specifications

  • Develop budget based on design and goal criteria
  • Create construction specifications for bidding and quality control

Contract Administration and Project Management

  • Secure bids and meet with contractors
  • Assemble construction contracts
  • Manage the project’s budget, schedule, quality, payment, and contractors
  • Oversight of owner-employed vendors and services

Put Devon’s Construction Management Expertise to Work for You

We take pride in providing clear, consistent communication with new and existing clients, so you’ll always know exactly where you stand. Devon Self Storage has been around since 1988, and in that time we’ve gained a wealth of industry experience through working with a diverse client base.

If you’re interested in pursuing new construction, renovation, or expansion projects, contact us today to see how Devon can provide Construction Management services that exceed your needs.