Devon Self Storage Features

In the self storage industry, there are often a lot of features available. But sometimes they might have you wonder if you actually need all of them. At Devon, we focus on what’s important to give you the best storage experience at an affordable rate.

Security Features

We want you to feel comfortable with storing your belongings and keepsakes in our facilities. Your storage unit should feel like a home away from home. We take great pride in your decision to store with us, and we don’t take that decision lightly. So, our facilities are equipped with effective security features to give you peace of mind.

Learn more about the security features we offer.

Ways to Take Advantage of Your Storage Unit

Self storage is beneficial for almost every major life change, but you may not realize that your storage unit can help with everyday decluttering and organization, too. Self storage is no longer just for newlywed couples moving in together or older family members wanting to downsize. While self storage does help with these milestones, it can also help many different people who use it in many different ways.

Discover the many ways self storage can make your life easier. Find out more about different storage types.

Unit Features

We have a lot of unit options, so you get the exact space you need. From a range of sizes to more accessible location preferences, your self storage unit can be tailored to your lifestyle and what you need it for. There are several features we offer, regardless of which unit you choose. Our goal is to make self storage easy and convenient for you, so our facilities are equipped with everything you may need – all in one place.

After years of experience in the storage business, we understand what’s most important to our customers. Read about our storage unit options and discover which are right for you.