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retired couple selling home

Retiree Storage: Downsize with Storage Units

The coastal town of Seabrook, Texas offers a vibrant community perfect for retirees looking for a slower-paced lifestyle. Seabrook has … Read More >

Welcome to devon's new homepage

New Devon Self Storage website launches April 1

Partnering with Go Local Interactive, Devon Self Storage upgraded our website on Tuesday April 1st. The new site features an improved … Read More >

Picture of Cluttered room

Almost that time again! Using Storage to help De-Clutter and Distress the Holidays

The holidays are quickly approaching and there is so much to do.  We must all remember we are not Martha … Read More >

Cleaning Supplies

Spring Cleaning 2013

It’s that time of year again – Spring Cleaning! Some think this is an out-dated practice, but honestly, it’s a … Read More >

Classic Record Collection

Keeping the Vinyl Safe: Storing a Record Collection Safely

So, have you been keeping those vinyl records you’ve had since you were a teenager? Or, maybe you’re a budding … Read More >

Picture of automobile.

How to Prepare Your Vehicle For Long Term Storage

  Whether you are a collector of cars or traveling abroad, there are many reasons you might need to store … Read More >

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How to De-clutter Your Home

People are constantly accumulating more “stuff” in their homes, but rarely throw things out.  As your house fills up, your … Read More >

Self-Storage No-Nos

Self-Storage offers its customers a great deal of flexibility of what you’re allowed to store, but there are a few … Read More >

Devon Self Storage – East Lansing

During the Second quarter of 2012, Devon welcomed its latest addition to its family of national self-storage facilities. A 60,000 … Read More >

Preparing to Sell Your Home

When you decide to sell your house there are several things that you can do to improve the appearance of … Read More >