Self Storage Santa Closets: Your Slice of the North Pole

  • Posted on Friday December 7, 2018
  • 3 Min Read

It’s that time of year again; the halls have been decked, the bells are jingling, and Santa Claus is preparing to come to town. The holidays are here! And now’s the time to start making lists and checking them twice. But buying a gift doesn’t mean you can forget about it – the kids sure won’t. Do you have your hiding spot picked out yet? If not, consider renting a storage unit as a personal “Santa closet.”

Ready or Not, Here They Come

What would the holidays be without the element of surprise? Imagine presents being unwrapped to unveil a smug grin or two rather than faces lighting up with joy. What’s the point of wrapping gifts if what’s inside is already expected? It’s the element of surprise that makes giving – and getting – gifts so much fun.

But children don’t think about these things. In fact, they actively look for presents – and they’ve got a keen sense for where they’re hidden. Your kids, whether you realize it or not, are expert detectives with a nose for sniffing out surprises. And it’s not a well-kept secret that parents have been hiding holiday presents in the back of their closets for decades.

The Secretive Solution: Self Storage

A storage unit is the perfect hiding place away from prying eyes. From stocking stuffers to mountain bikes, you won’t have to worry about a ruined holiday surprise. Whether you’re joining the masses at the mall or ordering online, give yourself the space and time you need to wrap gifts before safely tucking them by the hearth. For bigger gifts that won’t exactly fit behind your shoe stash – like life-sized teddy bears, power tools, or a new grill – self storage is the perfect hiding place, giant bow and all.

Are you doing most (or at least part) of your Christmas shopping online? It sure makes your routine easier, so it’s no wonder this trend has become the norm in recent years. To add to the convenience, ask your local Devon facility about accepting packages on your behalf. This is an assured way to avoid sneaky mail mishaps. In addition to keeping your packages away from your kids, you also get to cut out an extra trip to your storage unit. We’ll gladly sign for your delivery; that way, you don’t have to worry about a package being left on your porch for a thief to steal when you’re not home.

Lights, Tinsel, and Bows – Oh My!

The words Decking the Halls: Holiday Decorations are above a scene of a family decorating a Christmas tree

There’s more to the holidays than gifts. Decorations are just as important to holiday spirit as the pile of presents and array of side dishes. Whether you’re lighting up the outside of your home Christmas Vacation-style or sticking to the interiors, staying organized is your best bet.

  • Take inventory of the decorations you already have, and make note of what you need to purchase.
  • Check your lights to see if any bulbs have burned out, or if the whole string needs to be replaced.
  • Inspect your ornaments box for broken glass and sharp objects before letting the kids decorate the tree.
  • Make sure wreaths, figurines, and other décor hasn’t been smashed while stored in boxes.

For décor, new and old, your Santa closet storage unit is just what you need. Once the decorations are up, you’ll need to keep the emptied boxes at the ready for when the New Year rolls around, and it’s finally time to take the remnants of the holidays down. If you have old decorations that you decide not to put up this year, a storage unit is the perfect storage option. Once the holidays pass and your unit has been cleared of hidden gifts, you can reuse the space to keep next year’s décor and other sensitive items. While boxes in garages, attics, or basements tend to be shuffled around recklessly, your glass ornaments and pricey artificial Christmas tree will be safe from the damage caused in high-traffic areas of your home.

Keeping Santa’s Workshop Organized

You likely don’t have access to Santa’s elves. But with a little planning and organization, you can keep your Santa closet storage unit as efficient as his real workshop. Follow these steps to get the most out of your holiday unit:

a storage unit with shelving and empty boxes in the back and presents and a gift wrapping station in the front

  1. Store empty holiday décor boxes in the back; you won’t be needing them again until the end of the season, anyway.
  2. Label all your boxes and gifts correctly. You wouldn’t want to forget which gift is for whom once they’re all wrapped.
  3. Set up a table inside your unit with tape, scissors, and wrapping paper as your own wrapping station.
  4. Keep unwrapped gifts toward the front, organized by recipients, so when you’re ready to wrap you won’t have to dig around.
  5. Get shelving units for storing and organizing décor once you’ve taken it down for the holidays.

When you set up your unit well, it will be helpful and functional throughout the holidays and beyond.

Making Room for Precious Family Time

With the holidays approaching, there’s a lot more to worry about than just presents. After all, as great as new toys and trinkets are, family is what matters most to us this time of year. If you have kids, they’ll be home for winter break, so you want to make sure they have plenty of space to eat, sleep, and play. This is where your Santa closet can become a multipurpose space solution. Use it to store everything that’s getting in the way at home – especially if it’s making you feel cramped around your big ol’ Christmas tree.

Beyond your immediate family, your storage unit can also help you make room for any family members coming in from out of town. Whether they’re staying in your guest room or you’re hosting them for holiday dinners, stowing excess belongings in self storage can give everyone the breathing room they need to truly soak in the holiday spirit. Once the season is over, your unit could even assist you with a much-needed home decluttering.

Devon Wishes You Season’s Greetings and a Happy New Year

A storage unit is the perfect way to make sure your holiday season runs smoothly. From deterring prying eyes to protecting valuable decorations, it’s just what Santa ordered. We can’t all have joyful elves, magic reindeer, and North Pole warehouse space, but we can take advantage of self storage Santa closets.

And when the festivities fade to New Year’s resolutions, your unit will be the gift that keeps on giving. You can take advantage of the extra space to start up a new hobby, get organized for the new year, or move into your dream home. From all of us at Devon Self Storage, we wish you a happy and stress-free holiday season. Learn more about your nearest Devon storage facility and the options we have for your Santa Claus-ets; contact us today!