Storage Spaces, From the Basement to the Attic to Self Storage

  • Posted on Monday August 6, 2018
  • 3 Min Read

We all have those items that just don’t fit into our living spaces, making it difficult to have “a place for everything, and everything in its place.” While multi-functional furniture and storage containers help keep our homes tidy, sometimes you just need some extra space. Devon Self Storage explains what you can do to restore order in your house, condo, or apartment in Memphis, TN.

In-Home Storage Areas 

If you live in a house, chances are you have a basement, attic, garage, or some combination of the three. While these areas may seem perfect for storage, proceed with caution. Attics can get quite hot, making them hazardous to photos, videos, books, and items made from wood. Basements often take on water or become damp. Reserve your garage for vehicle storage, since your belongings could be damaged by the heat or cold.

Proper Storage Techniques

If you do decide to store your things in the basement, be sure to use plastic bins with lids. Cardboard boxes are vulnerable to moisture and collapse. They’re also mouse and cockroach magnets. Pack bins lightly and stack them carefully, with the heaviest ones on the bottom so they don’t tip over. Shelving units keep your belongings off the floor to prevent water damage.

Off-Site Storage 

Storage units make easy work of safeguarding your seasonal items, holiday decorations, keepsakes, and off-season sports gear. Whether you live in an apartment or lack secure, usable space at home, nearby self storage in Memphis, TN could be the answer to your storage needs. The same rules apply to storing your things off site, from using sturdy bins to placing them in neat aisles for easy access. A disk lock offers extra protection for the contents of your unit, and rest assured as our facilities have electronic gate access and around-the-clock video surveillance.

Find Space with Devon Self Storage

Your home offers a convenient place to store certain everyday items, from the basement to the attic. But self storage provides additional space to stash less frequently used items or those susceptible to damage from moisture and the elements. Devon Self Storage offers security features, friendly service, and a unit in the size for you to keep home clutter at bay. Reserve a storage unit near you in Memphis, TN today!