3 Tips for Packing Boxes the Smart Way

  • Posted on Monday July 23, 2018
  • 3 Min Read

A lot can go wrong during a move, from broken dishes to an aching back. Devon Self Storage, with storage units located throughout the country, brings you these tips to help you pack successfully for your next relocating adventure. Whether you’re moving across the country or from one end of your hometown to the other, protect your belongings – and stay safe from injury – by packing the smart way.

Choose the Right Moving Supplies 

Gather a wide variety of boxes and moving materials early in the process. Don’t be tempted to donate or toss old sheets, blankets, and towels; these items make excellent padding for furniture, artwork, and delicate items. Be sure to reinforce any used cardboard boxes with packing or shipping tape; if a box doesn’t seem sturdy, throw it out to avoid moving-day spills. Your local self storage facility is a great source for high-quality, affordable moving supplies.

Prioritize Your Packing 

Start packing seldom-used items first. Place a layer of packing paper, bubble wrap, bed sheets, or other filler on the bottom of a box. Put heavier items in smaller boxes to avoid collapses, reserving big boxes for lightweight items. Fill as much of each box as possible to prevent its contents from shifting and to avoid damage. Packing peanuts and plastic air pillows are perfect for filling voids. Set aside a suitcase, hamper, or other easily identifiable containers for things you’ll need on the first day in your new home.

Safeguard Your Stuff 

Protect lampshades by stacking them together in a box with the smallest on the bottom. When packing most other items of different sizes, use the opposite approach: Put the heaviest items on the bottom. Pack dishes in dish boxes with cardboard separators, or wrap each dish individually and place in a sturdy box. Fill in any extra space until you are sure your plates, bowls, cups, and glasses can’t slide around and break. If you’ll be doing the moving yourself, pack same- or similarly-sized boxes together for an easier fit on the moving truck. Trash bags filled with clothes, towels, and linens help fill in gaps so your boxes won’t slide around.

Make sure your belongings arrive safely by following these packing tips from Devon Self Storage. Whether you plan on using storage units to help with your move or need dependable moving supplies, our self storage facilities are here for you.