Celebrate Motherhood with Devon Self Storage

  • Posted on Monday May 7, 2018
  • 3 Min Read

Moms in Urbana, IL and across the world deserve a break this May 13 as Mother’s Day comes around once again. It’s a time when moms get treated to breakfast in bed and a day free from everyday chores and running errands. If you want to do something special this Mother’s Day, think outside the box with a storage unit from Devon Self Storage.

Self Storage Benefits for Moms

It’s a permanent space for clutter.

Clutter builds up over time and gets in the way, making it hard to find a place to put things or to walk freely without tripping over stuff. Help Mom out by moving all the clutter to a storage facility. You can even use a storage unit to keep things for the short term and host a yard sale later. It’s a great place for organizing your belongings and keeping things out of the way until you need them.

It helps to create a hobby space at home.

With the clutter out of the way, you can turn a spare room into a private retreat for Mom. She can use the space for reading her favorite books or knitting gifts for the family. She might even convert the room into an office or a place in which to learn something new like

It provides a space for sentimental items.

Mom doesn’t want to get rid of certain things that she holds dear, such as old baby shoes and clothing. Toys, photo albums, and other sentimental items take up space in closets and can become damaged when they’re stored in basements and attics. Moving these items to a storage unit keeps them out of the way in a place where she can easily go pick them up when needed.

Give Mom Her Own Space With Self Storage

Do something extraordinary for Mom this Mother’s Day with a storage unit from Devon Self Storage in Urbana, IL. There’s nothing like having a clutter-free basement or garage, or a room in which to enjoy hobbies without stuff getting in the way. With self storage, you can get the clutter out of the way and give Mom a space of her own.