Assuring Smooth Sailing for Your Boat This Summer

  • Posted on Monday April 16, 2018
  • 3 Min Read

Summer is on the horizon in Palm Springs, CA, and everyone in the area can’t wait to take their boats out of self storage for some fun on the water. With the Salton Sea’s fairly new boat ramps, you may want to join the other boaters for some aquatic recreation. But whether you have a boat made for small lakes or the Pacific Ocean, it’s important to prep it before putting it on the water.

Prepping Your Boat for Summer

Make sure to de-winterize your boat.

If your boat has sat all winter long, you’ll need to check every hose and rubber part for dry rot. Inspect the hoses for cracks, and replace them if they show any signs of wear and tear. Check all around the outside of the boat for seasonal damage, and make sure to perform all the necessary repairs before loading your boat and heading to the lake.

Inspect the water pump.

The rubber impeller in your boat’s water pump functions well for up to two years. If it goes bad, this engine part can’t pump water correctly and will fail to cool the engine. Check and test the water pump by performing a thorough diagnostic, and replace the part if it’s damaged to prevent malfunctions once you’re on the water. In addition, check the thermostat. It helps to regulate the water temperature in the engine.

Check the fluids, filters, and battery.

You should always check the fluids and the filters before you set sail. Gas and oil can break down over time, especially if they haven’t circulated in the engine for months. Change the fluids, and add a stabilizer to the fuel system for better performance. Additionally, inspect the battery and the cables, and replace them if they’re not up to par.

Happy Sailing with Devon Self Storage

Devon’s storage units come in handy for storing excess clutter and miscellaneous items from your boat. You can turn a unit into boat storage that’s complete with shelves for storing supplies like filters, hoses, and more. Using storage units saves space in your garage; there’s no worry about finding room for boat supplies among the automotive and landscaping tools. You can stop by your unit in Palm Springs, CA, grab what you need from storage and head to the lake or the ocean without the hassle.