Dynamic Dressers: Your Guide to Ultimate Organization

  • Posted on Monday March 5, 2018
  • 3 Min Read

The dresser is turning into a disorganized disaster. You try to keep it under control, but drawers seem determined to explode. It doesn’t have to be like this. With some organization tips and a little help from nearby self storage in Clinton Township, MI, you can tame the wildest drawers and maintain the ultimate dresser.

Sort, Stash, and Stack

Start organizing drawers by emptying them out. Enjoy the liberation that comes from packing up things you don’t wear anymore. Stash them in your storage unit for now, and donate them to a favorite charity later. Separate things you plan on keeping into stacks of similar items.

Get the Drawers Ready

Upgrade clothing storage in the dresser by lining drawers with paper or fabric. This protects delicates from snagging on wood in the drawers and the backsides of dresser hardware. Keep things fresh and fragrant with fabric softener sheets or lemongrass sachets tucked into drawer corners.

Divide and Conquer by Category

Use dresser drawer dividers to lay out spaces for specific items. Dedicate one drawer to sports clothes separated into shorts and tops. Apply that same strategy to organize clothes categories like yoga gear, favorite t-shirts, and workout clothes.

Make Room for Small Stuff

Small wicker boxes make it easier to keep track of items that can get lost inside dresser drawers. Ice cube trays, custard cups, and even pill organizers save sorting through folded clothes looking for little things. This storage tactic helps reduce clutter on dresser tops too.

Roll It and Box It

Rolled-up clothes don’t wrinkle as easily as folded items, and they take up less space. Expand on this clothing tip by storing rolled-up belongings inside individual drawer-size boxes. It makes rearranging dresser contents a snap, but crisp cottons and creased linens are exceptions to the rolled-up rule.

Rotate with the Seasons

It’s good housekeeping to clean out and freshen up the drawers several times a year. Take that opportunity to give the dresser and your wardrobe breathing room. Rotate seasonal clothes, and keep off-season belongings fresh year-round in climate-controlled self storage.

Let Devon Help

Conquering clothing storage with a well-organized dresser makes life easier. Let Devon Self Storage help you keep everything a little straighter around the house with our convenient storage units here in Clinton Township, MI. It’s our pleasure to always offer the best storage solutions available in Macomb County and all across the Great Lake State.