The Right Way to Store Your Fragile Items

  • Posted on Monday February 5, 2018
  • 3 Min Read

Fragile items require careful attention when you’re moving to a new location. If you don’t carefully place them in the car or the moving truck, taking a sharp turn or driving over a pothole can shift and damage the items. Moving is already a stressful experience, so you don’t want to deal with broken mirrors or damaged glassware once you arrive in Fort Worth, TX. Devon Self Storage has a few tips to help prevent damage to your fragile items when moving.

Tips for Storing Fragile Items

Use heavy-duty plastic containers.

Pass on the boxes, and pack your fragile items in plastic storage bins. Cardboard boxes don’t provide the stability and durability of plastic containers and may buckle under the weight of other boxes during storage. Plastic containers also have convenient handles, making it easy to pack them and move them into a storage unit. They withstand constant use and stack easily to save space. Though you can stack plastic containers, don’t stack them higher than you can reach. In addition, always keep the larger, heavier containers on the bottom.

Pack them with bubble wrap.

Wrap your fragile items with bubble wrap or specialized packing wrap before placing them in the plastic containers. Foam peanuts, bubble wrap, and even newspaper create a cushion for the items and help to prevent unnecessary damage. Using multiple packing materials will provide added protection and keep your items secured inside.

Select climate-controlled storage units.

Fragile items still need protection after you’ve stored them away. Heat and humidity can damage paper documents, photos, electronics, and other items. A climate-controlled storage unit keeps your belongings at a consistent temperature regardless of the season. When you set your containers in the unit, keep them closer to the floor to prevent damage due to accidental tip-overs.

Self Storage for Your Fragile Belongings

Taking the time to pack your fragile items the right way will protect them while moving. Selecting climate-controlled storage units is the right idea for protecting artwork, photo albums, and other sensitive belongings from temperature damage. Devon Self Storage has two locations in Fort Worth, TX with climate control, electronic gates, surveillance systems, and other convenience features. No matter how long you keep things in storage, we’re here for you.