Boxes, Crates, and More: Self Storage Must-Have Items

  • Posted on Monday January 8, 2018
  • 3 Min Read

Storage units provide you with extra space, but it’s the little things that help you take advantage of it. Even the largest estate homes throughout the country run out of space as the clutter piles up. Whether you’re moving or looking to store some unused items, Devon Self Storage can help you make the most of your storage unit when packing everything inside.

4 Must-Have Items for Self Storage

Packing Boxes

Packing boxes are the most basic yet necessary items for your storage unit. They come in handy for separating and organizing everything by type, size, room, and more. You can never have too many boxes when you’re storing your belongings in a storage unit. Make sure to line the packing boxes along the back and side walls, leaving a U-shaped space in the middle in which to walk more easily.

Stackable Storage Crates

Stackable storage crates are sturdier and more efficient than cardboard packing boxes. They come with lids and handles and are made of durable plastic, which supports the weight of several crates when they’re stacked. Opt for the clear plastic crates; you can see what’s inside without having to open the lid.

Floor Shelves

Floor shelves help you to take advantage of vertical storage space in the unit. You can use them for storing smaller boxes and individual items like tools and random cleaning supplies. Having a few floor shelves in the unit maximizes your storage space and helps you to keep everything more organized.

Floor Racks

Floor racks work perfectly for seasonal, vintage, and sentimental clothing like a wedding dress. You can even use the racks for clothes that you plan to sell later or to donate to a charity. If you don’t want to keep your clothes in boxes, a floor rack is a must-have item for your storage unit.

Make the Most of Devon’s Storage Units

Secondary items like stackable crates and floor shelves take your storage unit to the next level. They expand the space even more and give you better ways in which to organize your belongings. Devon Self Storage wants to help you find the perfect short- or long-term storage unit for your needs. Whether it’s for seasonal clothes or unused furniture, we have a unit in every size to suit your belongings and budget.