Keep Your Clothing Organized with a Closet Overhaul

  • Posted on Monday December 4, 2017
  • 3 Min Read

When you live in Urbana, IL, there’s a lot to do in your free time, from hiking in Busey Woods to boating at Crystal Lake Park. However, if you have a messy closet to deal with, you’ll have to put those fun things on hold as you struggle to navigate through shirts and pants. Although cleaning your closet seems like a chore, it’s easy when you have a solid direction. Devon Self Storage wants to help you knock out your chores and get you back to having fun.

3 Ways to Handle Your Messy Closet

Discard your unwanted items.

Maybe you have a messy closet because you collect so much clothing. If you don’t wear half of what you own, it’s time to downsize. Consider donating your unused clothing to charity or having a yard sale to make some extra spending money.

Organize things to make your life easier.

You don’t always have to get rid of things to make more space in your closet. Perhaps you need a little organization in your life. Installing closet shelves will give you extra storage space for folded clothes. A few cubbyholes come in handy for shoes and accessories, and a couple hanging racks will give you even more space for shirts, pants, and belts.

Make seasonal updates for better convenience.

Seasonal clothing takes up space in closets. There’s no need to have your summer wardrobe available in the middle of the winter. You’ll clear out a lot of space by moving your seasonal clothing to off-site storage units. Using a storage unit is ideal if you want to store your clothes without taking up space in other closets at home. Once the season changes, you can switch out the clothes and still benefit from a neat closet.

Use Self Storage for Organizing Your Closet

It’s so much easier to find something to wear when you have a clean and organized closet. When you want to get rid of a few things or pack away your seasonal clothes, Devon Self Storage makes it easy. Our storage units in Urbana, IL are within reach, providing a convenient place to keep your things nice and tidy until you need them.