Take Your Home Office to the Next Level

  • Posted on Monday November 6, 2017
  • 3 Min Read

As more people work from home in Charlotte, NC, the need for an adequate home office grows. Though some people have the luxury of converting a spare room into an office, others are forced to share their work area with living space. No matter where you set up your office, it’s important to keep it organized for higher productivity. Devon Self Storage has five tips about how to get more work done in an efficient environment.

5 Tips for Better Home Office Organization

1. Get rid of what you don’t need.

What contributes to your home office, and what gets in the way? Once you’ve answered that question, take out all the stuff that doesn’t contribute to an organized workspace, and keep what you need.

2. Clear out the junk drawer.

Everyone has a junk drawer that’s filled with things that rarely get used. Start by clearing out the drawer, and put the items in separate piles for what may come in handy and for what’s taking up space. Afterward, organize the drawer with necessary work supplies.

3. Conceal ugly wires and cables.

Wires and cables make a desk look messy. Use clips to bundle individual wires together, and pin them out of the way. Reducing the number of visible wires will immediately make the desk look neater and more organized.

4. Make use of shelves and bins.

Don’t just pile work papers on your desk in a haphazard manner. Use paper bins to organize your documents. Stack bins to make more use of space on your desk, and install a few shelves for supplies to keep them within reach.

5. Use self storage to clean up the space.

Storage units come in handy for clearing out the clutter in your life. You can also convert a unit into an office away from home or use it to store supplies for your business.

Home Office Storage Units to the Rescue

Fighting to make more space when you don’t have it is a winless battle. Let Devon Self Storage in Charlotte, NC help you optimize your home office. Our storage units come with climate control to protect sensitive items and enough space to store unused furniture and other belongings. With a storage unit, you can clear out the things that get in your way and work more efficiently at home.