Winter Is Coming: How Self Storage Can Help

  • Posted on Monday October 30, 2017
  • 3 Min Read

The leaves are falling and the weather is changing: Fall is here! But, before you know it, the crisp breeze will turn into icy chills, signaling the arrival of winter. Winter weather puts stress on you, your home, and your belongings, so it’s best to prepare ahead of time. After all, the weather is only going to get worse as the cold season approaches.

With the help of self storage and a plan, your home will be ready for winter in no time. That way, when it does become cold, cozy blankets and hot cocoa will be the only thing on your mind.

Backyard Cleanup

With summer officially over, you won’t need that fancy, double-wide grill set up. In fact, inclement weather could blow the grill onto its side – or worse, into your siding. Since activities are transitioning indoors, your deck and backyard are great places to start your home winter prep. Here’s how:

animated image of five scenarios: person picking up basketball, person seeding a lawn, someone shoveling in the garden, an in-ground sprinkler, and a woman sweeping a deck

  1. Pick up the toys. It’s time to put the kids’ bikes, balls, and pool floaties into storage, along with grilling supplies, patio furniture, or the seasonal pool.
  2. Take care of the lawn. Mow your lawn one last time, and move the mower, weedwhacker, and other yard equipment into self storage. This will save space and keep them out of the cold, which could damage their engines. Before doing so, remember to empty the gas tanks and replenish fluid levels. Also, use this time to aerate your lawn and plant new seeds, which will fill in gaps and allow more nutrients to reach the roots. It’s important to pick up leaves throughout fall to allow your yard to breathe and prevent grass damage in patches.
  3. Don’t forget the garden. Fall is the best time to plant trees and shrubs, before the ground gets too cold. If you’re not planting new bulbs for spring, clean up weeds and cut back perennials. For added garden insulation, apply a fresh coat of mulch. Keep your gardening tools in self storage for extra organization.
  4. Winterize your sprinkling system. You’ll need to drain the system of all water before the first freeze to ensure that your pipes don’t break. How to do this depends on what type of system you have installed. If you use a garden hose, disconnect it from the spigot and drain the hose of water, protecting it from cracking while frozen.
  5. Protect your deck. After summer, your deck probably has had its fair share of barbecue stains, mud, and foot traffic. That’s why it’s important to wipe it down with a cleaner formulated for wood before adding a protective finish. Make sure you apply a water-repellant finish to prevent excess moisture from ice or snow from seeping into your wood and causing it to rot.

Tools, Boats, and Automobiles

Well-sealed garages are typically not heated, and even then, heavy snow or rainfall can allow water to seep in, as can your snow-packed tires or boots. So, it’s important that you clear your garage floor of any items that could be warped or damaged by water accumulation in the garage. Consider adding a shelving unit to keep things off the ground and make more room for your vehicles. It may be cold when you go to start your car, but at least in the garage you won’t have to worry about the wind.

Make sure the items you keep in the garage are cold weather-resistant. Some things, like power tools and certain equipment, don’t hold up through the cold, as it damages their engines and internal components. A climate-controlled storage unit will protect these items as well as other sensitive items.

If you have additional vehicles, RVs, or boats, self storage is also a great option. Whether you get an indoor or outdoor unit, outside, it’s nice to park your extra toys and not have to worry about them until the weather warms back up in the spring. Before taking your vehicles to self storage, it’s best to winterize them:

an animated image of a car with snow on it and text containing the following bulleted list

  • Thoroughly clean the outside and interiors
  • Check your battery
  • Refill fluids, including gas
  • Inflate your tires
  • Check belts and hoses
  • Invest in a tarp or cover

Seasonal Décor and Organization

It just so happens that the holiday season comes with the cold. And with the holiday season comes family gatherings and decorations. You likely have different items for Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s, which means that your home will go through a lot of changes in the coming months.

A self storage unit is perfect for keeping boxes of décor organized without having to dig through the basement or garage. In addition, a climate-controlled unit will preserve glass ornaments and electronics in their best shape. It will also help you clear out the spare room to make room for visiting family and friends.

Miscellaneous Tasks

five boxes containing: a fireplace, snow falling outside of a house, pipes, a fire alarm, and a crack in cement

With the major areas of your home prepped for winter, there are still some odds and ends to complete. If you have a fireplace, make sure you’re cleaning the chimney and gutters to prevent blockage. Additionally, protect your pipes from freezing by adding pipe insulation. You may even consider letting a faucet drip slowly while you’re on vacation or gone for extended periods of time. While you’re at it, make sure you check smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors, and seal any cracks.

Put Devon Self Storage on Your Winter Prep List

From boats and grills to seasonal décor, a self storage unit can help you get ready for colder weather. At Devon Self Storage we offer a variety of storage unit sizes and amenities, including climate control. Find your nearest storage facility to take advantage of the last weeks of fall while preparing for winter.