Fall Seasonal Storage for Students

  • Posted on Monday October 16, 2017
  • 3 Min Read

Summer draws to a close in Lansing, MI as students prepare for the rest of the fall semester, as well as cooler temperatures. Bringing in extra blankets and cold-weather clothes takes up space, so it’s important to store away summer clothing if you don’t want to live with clutter. You need all the space that you can get during your time at Michigan State University. Devon Self Storage has a few tips on how to use student storage to your advantage.

4 Tips for Fall Student Storage

1. Select an appropriate storage unit.

You don’t need the largest storage unit available if all you’re storing is summer clothing. A smaller 5 x 5 storage unit is about the size of a walk-in closet and works perfectly for most students. You’ll only need to consider a larger unit if you’re storing desks, appliances and furniture.

2. Opt for climate-controlled storage.

The coming winter will take its toll on Lansing, MI as it does every season, so you’ll want to protect cold-sensitive items from the freezing temperatures. Climate-controlled units keep your belongings at the right temperature and protect them through the colder seasons.

3. Keep only what you need.

Sometimes the weather turns warmer for a week or two during the fall. Don’t pack away all of your summer clothing just yet. Keep a few extra t-shirts and a pair of shorts or two on hand to take advantage of warmer weather in October.

4. Organize for incoming fall apparel.

If you don’t have enough room in your closets or drawers, you’ll need to organize things to prepare for your fall and winter wardrobes. Pack your summer clothing in boxes to put in the storage unit. Investing in small storage cubes and closet racks will help you organize things more easily and have extra space for your fall and winter clothes.

Fall Storage Units at Devon Self Storage

Devon Self Storage has storage units of all sizes available to keep your summer clothing and accessories protected during the winter. Our units also come in handy for the summer months when you need to keep your winter wardrobe and accessories organized off campus.