5 Tips for Improving Your Golf Game

  • Posted on Monday September 11, 2017
  • 3 Min Read

Ending a day under par would make any golfer happy and ready for another round. It takes good form, the right equipment, and weekly practice to improve your game. Eventually, you’ll see the results when your scores get lower with every card. Now is the perfect time to work on your swing. Devon Self Storage has a few tips to get you started on becoming a better golfer this year.

Improve Your Golf Game with these 5 Tips

Master the perfect form

A good swing starts with good form. Anchor your foot behind the ball, and make sure not to lift it too soon. Tuck your elbow toward your hip, and relax your grip. Rotate your hips, and keep your arm close to your body through the swing. Good form doesn’t happen right away, so you’ll have to keep practicing on every shot.

Make sure to practice often

As long as it doesn’t put a strain on your job and home life, you should practice as much as possible. Consistent practice is what separates the amateurs from the professionals. As you practice, you’ll learn what works and what doesn’t, and you can tweak your form here and there to achieve the best results.

Invest in quality equipment

Beginners may not require the best clubs available, but as you progress, you’ll notice better results with professional-quality clubs. A bigger club will provide more inertia and help you to get more out of your swing. As you improve, consider getting a set of clubs fitted just for you.

Work on your fitness

Golf is a sport; therefore, having a good fitness level will help you to play much better than your competitors. Stay fit by performing various stretching exercises and going to the gym. Don’t overstrain yourself, as it can affect your game.

Store everything in its proper place

You don’t want to show up on the golf course without your favorite driver or wedge. Keep your irons, woods, and golf balls clean, organized, and stored in the same place all the time. Don’t just toss your clubs in the trunk or stuff them in a closet at home. Storage units come in handy for keeping your equipment safe without worrying about cluttering your closets or vehicles.

Shoot Under Par with Devon Self Storage

Find a Devon Self Storage facility near you. We have small storage units available for organizing and protecting your golf equipment. You’ll have 24-hour access to your gear when you need it and a place to store it safely when you’re done.