A Teacher’s Guide to Self Storage

  • Posted on Monday May 8, 2017
  • 3 Min Read

Teachers have such an important impact on our society. Without teachers, no one could learn to become doctors, lawyers, dentists, or the many other professions in the world. Devon Self Storage pays tribute to teachers in Cathedral City, CA and beyond this National Teacher Appreciation Day.

Honoring Teachers Across the World

Though political leaders first came up with the idea of honoring teachers in 1944, it wasn’t until 1980 when Congress made National Teacher Day official. What began as National Teacher Day in March turned into National Teacher Appreciation Week in May. Teachers are the backbone of the country, helping kids evolve and strive to become anything imaginable. Parents entrust their children with teachers during the day, and these same teachers become role models, mentors and friends not only to the children but to everyone in their communities.

How Self Storage Helps Teachers

Teachers have enough responsibility and need to focus their time on lesson plans and educating young minds, not on organizational duties in the classroom. As a teacher in Cathedral City, CA, you know how important it is to have a tidy space for your students. After all, a clean and well-organized space is conducive to learning. With a storage unit, you can free up the clutter and have a dedicated area for things when you need them.

Store Away Your Seasonal Decorations.

There’s no need to stack boxes of decorations in the classroom. A self-storage unit is the ideal solution for keeping those decorations out of the way and making sure that the classroom stays neat after the holidays.

Keep Extra Supplies On Hold

When students forget their pencils, notebooks and folders, it’s good to have extras on hand. However, having too many supplies stock-piled in the classroom takes up valuable space. A storage locker provides enough space to store extra supplies without them getting in the way.

Have a Place for Future Projects.

Preparing classroom projects ahead of time is one way to stay on schedule, but storing them in the classroom can quickly clutter the space. Keep them in a storage unit, and have everything ready to go when you need them.

Happy National Teacher Appreciation Day

Devon Self Storage wants to wish every teacher in Cathedral City a great summer. Let us help you pick out the perfect storage solution at our self storage facility for your classroom so that it stays neat and tidy throughout summer break and the next school year.