Head to Clear Lake Park for National Picnic Day

  • Posted on Monday April 17, 2017
  • 3 Min Read

National Picnic Day is just around the corner. The holiday – observed on April 23rd – is a celebration of the fun, healthy and relaxing practice of eating outdoors, amidst the beauty of nature. People have enjoyed picnics in various forms for centuries. The modern practice evolved from sophisticated Victorian Garden Parties and Medieval hunting feasts, which involved multiple courses and elaborate settings. Today, the picnic is a more casual, family-oriented affair. If you’re looking for a great picnic spot in Pasadena, TX, your friends at Devon Self Storage have a recommendation.

Clear Lake Park: The Perfect Family Picnic Place

Covering 59 acres in southeastern Harris County, Clear Lake Park is both serene and exciting, and it’s an ideal place for any type of picnic. The park has plenty of covered seating areas, barbecue grills, clean bathrooms, and play areas for the kids. It’s bordered by water along its edge, so you can enjoy cool breezes and relaxing lake views from its well-kept grounds. Pack your picnic basket as full as possible; once you’re in the heart of the park’s natural beauty, you’ll want to stay for a long time.

After the Feast: Having More Fun in Clear Lake Park

In addition to ample picnic space and traditional amenities, Clear Lake Park has tons of family attractions and opportunities for fun. On the south side, you’ll find a boat launch and fishing pier. The north side has a community center, a playground, several sports fields, a jogging trail and an open-air pavilion. If you’re not the sporty type, check out the ancient Indian burial ground. It is believed to hold remains of the ancestors of the Akokisa Indians dating as far back as 600 A.D. You can learn more about the park’s archaeological finds by visiting the Harris County Boy’s School Archaeological Site Marker.

Optimize Your Clear Lake Picnic With a Convenient Storage Unit

To fully enjoy everything that Clear Lake Park has to offer, you need convenient access to your sports and recreation equipment. At Devon Self Storage, we have a clean, affordable storage units that are perfect for keeping everything from boats to soccer balls at the ready for some fun, family time.