Don’t Be a Fool; Experience Ann Arbor’s Amazing April Art Event

  • Posted on Monday April 3, 2017
  • 3 Min Read

If you live in or near Ann Arbor, MI you have access to amazing local art and culture, and this is especially true during the month of April when the nonprofit organization called WonderFool Productions fills the city with colorful, random art and creates a fantasy setting that celebrates April Fools’ Day. This month, your friends at Devon Self Storage are encouraging you to explore the city’s proud celebration and even take part in the public art experiences. WonderFool Production’s two main April events are FoolMoon and FestiFools.

FoolMoon: A Luminous Kick-off

To bid farewell to the cold, gray winter, FoolMoon fills the night with light and song. On April 7, 2017, in downtown Ann Arbor, FoolMoon will kick off the festivities with a spectacular display of glowing luminaries. Other features include interactive events, laser shows, live dance, a beer tent, and more. You can contribute to the beautiful celebration by creating a luminary of your own. Learn how by attending one of WonderFool Production’s luminary workshops.

FestiFools: Celebrating the Art of Papier-mache

FestiFools is a one-of-a-kind Ann Arbor parade that features dozens of gigantic, colorful man-powered papier-mache puppets and other creations made by members of the community and University of Michigan students. The huge puppets range in character from creepy and bizarre to glamorous and playful. Thousands of spectators will fill Main Street on April 9, 2017 to play a part in the merriment and mischief of the event, which celebrates April Fools’ Day like only Ann Arbor can.

Devon Self Storage Helps Artists Get Organized

If you’re an artist, writer or other type of creative genius who participates in WonderFool, or if the event has inspired you to try your hand at art, you need a place to keep your creations, mediums, and supplies. Our clean, affordable storage units are the perfect solution. When you have all the space you need, it’ll be easier to bring your creative visions to life.