Almost that time again! Using Storage to help De-Clutter and Distress the Holidays

Picture of Cluttered room

The holidays are quickly approaching and there is so much to do.  We must all remember we are not Martha Stewart! We need help at times.  De-cluttering is the trick to help with stress.  If things are out of the way we can make room for the holidays and the family that will be visiting, not to mention all those presents.  A nice way to do this is to get a storage unit for holiday storage.  You can even purchase boxes for your convenience. Now it’s time to get the family involved.  Ask everyone to use these boxes to put items in that won’t be needed until after the holidays. Don’t forget to label the boxes before you place them in storage. Then when you retrieve them, after the holidays, it will be easy to determine where the items belong.  Also another use of this storage could be to hide those Christmas gifts that we don’t want nosy kids and/or family to try and peek in.

I know it seems early to start talking the “holiday” talk but let us face it, that is how it is starting to go. Stores are decorating earlier then ever and some people even begin their shopping now. Since the holidays bring enough stress of their own, I think it is to peoples benefit to beat stress to the punch. Besides, who wants to spend the holidays with the added stress of clutter anyway? Do not let the clutter become a headache or eyesore for you and your home.

Here is a list I found of some of the top reasons people use storage around this time of year, and maybe all year round. Enjoy!

1.) Relatives have to stay somewhere (just kidding). Its easy to stick things in your spare room all year long since it is something you don’t really use except for once a year around Christmas. Rather than throw your stuff out or clutter up another part of the house why not just take our precious belongings to your local self storage facility?

2.) It may sound silly, but if your loved ones really are so intent on finding out what Santa got them before he gives it to them then get a self storage unit.

3.) Christmas decorations. We love them; we even drive around our neighborhoods to go look at them, but when the season is done that stuff needs to go somewhere. If you have more than a couple boxes of decorations or if your one of those people who turn your lawn into the North Pole with inflatables than a self storage facility should be in your near future. Santa’s suit needs a home as well.

4.) A self storage unit is a great hiding place for all the stuff you bought for yourself (those deals are hard to pass up), but don’t want to tell your significant other about just yet. It can also be a great place to store all the less than desirable gifts you got this year than you may be looking to give next year.

5.) Everyone needs an out-of-the way space. Got exercise equipment from Santa last year and don’t want him to know you never used—store it. Live in a nice war climate now, but don’t want to ditch all those really cool sweaters? Store them too. Basically, if there is something your not using, but don’t want to get rid of yet than a self storage unit may be in your future.

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