Spring Cleaning 2013

Cleaning Supplies

It’s that time of year again – Spring Cleaning! Some think this is an out-dated practice, but honestly, it’s a great opportunity to get life in order again. Let’s face it: winter sometimes drags on. The days are shorter and you don’t feel much like going out. Over just a few weeks into winter, our living spaces become quite cluttered. Since we’re inside so much, it’s inevitable. Spring, however, gives us an opportunity to de-clutter our lives! The air is getting warm, days are getting longer, and we have more energy than we have had in months! So, take advantage of this once-a-year opportunity. Here are some tips for your spring cleaning adventures!

1. Go Green!

Going green can actually save you money in the long run, and is great for the environment, too! Instead of using a whole roll of paper towels, use washcloths that you can reuse. Instead of single use mops, use something like Casabella, in which you can easily wash the mop head in the washing machine. Some people think going green is too expensive, or that it will not do as good of a job. The opposite, in fact, is true. Just do a simple web search for Green Cleaning, and you will be shocked!

2. Less is more!

This is a big one, and often an overlooked one. When people start Spring Cleaning, they often like to go out with the old, and in the new. They swap out one pile for another. Or, they take all of the cluttered closets and spread it out around the house. Remember folks: less is more! And you will be happier with your living space if you have room to breathe. Go through the closets and take out the clothes that you haven’t worn in over a year. Go through the closets and ask yourself what you really need stored at the house. Don’t want to get rid of it? I totally understand! I don’t like getting rid of things either, even if I don’t use it often. But the key is to get it out of the house! I used to have a whole bedroom full of odds and ends that I never used. The room was a mess, and was a real eye-sore when I had guests over. Finally, I boxed everything up and got a simple, cheap 5×10 storage space and store everything there. Now, I have a whole other room that I can use as an office, and no longer have to keep guests from opening that door!

3. Plan ahead!

The trap a lot of people fall into is that they begin Spring Cleaning, but before they’re even finished, they’re already cluttering things up again. Have a plan ready for the future! Set goals for yourself on what you are going to clean, and when. Let the family or roommates know that certain items go in certain places, and that they should also help in the upkeep. If you simply have a game plan ready and use it, next year’s Spring Cleaning will be a breeze!

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