Keeping the Vinyl Safe: Storing a Record Collection Safely

Classic Record Collection

So, have you been keeping those vinyl records you’ve had since you were a teenager? Or, maybe you’re a budding millennial who happens to like the sound of the vinyl over modern electronic music? Either way, after a while, a record collection can become hard to keep out of the way, especially in an apartment. Those that live in a house are tempted to just throw the excess vinyl in the attic until they need them. But be warned: this is the most effective way to lose that precious collection!

Vinyl is considered one of the greatest treasures to a music lover of old, but it doesn’t take much heat or moisture before Elvis is warped to the point that he’s unplayable anymore! Here are some quick and easy tips to make sure your collection is safe…

1. Keep it in a sleeve!

Even if you do not have the original sleeve it came in, go and find one to put it in! If you drop by your local record shop, or do a quick google search, you can find some relatively cheap and affordable sleeve’s to keep your vinyl in. If you do not, the scratches will only add up with every surface the record touches. So, stick to the rule that if it’s not on the needle, then it needs to be in the sleeve!
(For cheap paper sleeves, check out Bags Unlimited!)

2. Always store upright

A lot of people are tempted to make nice little stacks out of their vinyl. However, this is one of the worst things you can do! It doesn’t take much heat at all for the vinyl to start warping downward, and then you just have a big stack of unplayable Frisbee’s.  Whenever you store vinyl, you want to stack them upright like books on a book shelf. Old milk cartons, or even tote buckets, are recommended for easy transport, as well as keeping the vinyl in the upright position to secure it safely for years.

3. Climate Control

This is the biggie! The two no-no’s for storing vinyl are heat and moisture. If you simply stick your vinyl in the attic, around mid-July, the temperature is going to be well past the “safe zone”. Anytime you store vinyl in an attic, you are taking a chance on losing the record forever. And just sticking it in a closet can be just as dangerous. Moisture has a way of building up, and sometimes closets can overheat as well because they are cut off from vents. Climate-control is the key! Find a small climate-controlled storage building, and you have exactly what you need for that priceless collection! If you are just storing records, try finding a 3×5, or even a 5×5, that is climate-controlled and secure. You can usually find these for next to nothing per month! Then put your vinyl collection up for safe keeping until you are ready to slap on some bell-bottom jeans, and relive the 70’s!

These are just some quick tips on how to prevent losing the vinyl collection you love so dearly. Do you have any more tips or suggestions that you can think of? Have you ever lost a valuable piece of vinyl to the heat or moisture? Share your stories in the comments below.

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