How to Prepare Your Vehicle For Long Term Storage

Picture of automobile.


Whether you are a collector of cars or traveling abroad, there are many reasons you might need to store your vehicle for an extended period of time.  Taking a few easy steps can be taken to ensure your vehicle remains in the same condition as the day that you put it into storage…

Paperwork – Make sure all of your documents are in order.  If you need to renew your registration or insurance policy do it prior to storing your vehicle to prevent any problems when the time comes to take it out of storage.

Engine Oil – Change your engine oil and oil filter.  You may also want to consider changing your transmission fluid and brake fluid if you are going to be storing a long time and you haven’t done so in a few years.

Cleaning Your Vehicle – It is essential to perform a thorough cleaning of your vehicle both inside and out.   Wash, buff, and wax the exterior.  Remove all trash and debris from the in interior and the trunk to make sure there is no odor build up.  Treat leather seats, and clean the windows and windshield with Windex.

Battery – Fully charge your car battery, and then disconnect the battery cables.  Failure to do so will result in a slow drain, and your car won’t start when you return.

Gas – Fill your gas tank to capacity and use a fuel stabilizing additive to prevent collection of moisture in your fuel.

Critters – Make sure you don’t leave any openings for critters to invade your vehicle.  Close all windows, place a piece of steel wool in the exhaust pipe, and use a garbage bag to clog the air intake.  Leave a note with the car keys to remind you to remove these items from the air intake and exhaust pipe that would cause serious problems.

Tires – Place your vehicle on jack stands while storing to prevent flat spots in your tires.


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