How to De-clutter Your Home

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People are constantly accumulating more “stuff” in their homes, but rarely throw things out.  As your house fills up, your productivity goes down.  It becomes harder to find things or work around piles of unused items.  Make it a priority to reclaim your house from the clutter and reorganize your home.  This can be a daunting task, but as you walk through your house divide items in to categories and tackle these groups one at a time.

Things to Sell…
Everyone has those items that never get used but retain a decent resale value.  It might be that treadmill that was used once, or that Expensive camera you bought when you decided photography would be a fun hobby.  Regardless of the item, there is always someone out there looking to buy.  You could host a garage sale, list an ad on craigslist, or try to sell it on eBay.  Not only will you be getting rid of those unused items, but can make a little coin on the side.

Things to Donate…
Do you have a closet full of cloths that you hope to wear again?  Chances are good that those items will be long out of style before you can squeeze into them again.  These days there are lots of people out there in need of a little help, so it might be a good idea to donate those cloths to Good Will or Salvation Army.  The same could be said for that old couch in the basement, or the extra set of dishes that just takes up space in the back of your kitchen cabinet.

Things to store…
Lastly, there are those items that serve a purpose part of the year but just take up space the remainder of the year.   For these items it might make sense to rent a small storage unit to keep them organized and more importantly out of the way. By storing these items you can free up space all over the house.

  • Out of season clothing
  • Holiday Decorations
  • Extra towel or Bed Linens
  • Garden Tools
  • Snow blowers
  • Motorcycles
  • File Cabinet
  • Baby furniture a child has outgrown

The examples are limitless; the key is to manage your home so you can be productive and comfortable rather than becoming a burdened by your own possessions.

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