Self-Storage No-Nos

Self-Storage offers its customers a great deal of flexibility of what you’re allowed to store, but there are a few exceptions.   The following list of items are typically forbidden from being stored in a storage unit, make other arrangements for these items to save yourself a headache down the road.

Combustible, Explosive, or Toxic Materials

You cannot store anything that will be potentially dangerous to other tenants or the building itself.  These items include Gasoline, Propane Tanks, Kerosene, Motor oil, Corrosives, fertilizer, spray paint, toxic/biological waste, fireworks, or ammunition.

Perishable Items & Pet Foods

You may not store items that mail spoil or attract pests.  These items include produce, meats, or bread.  You may store canned food as long as it is still factory sealed.

Inoperable Vehicles or Excessive amounts of tires

Storing a vehicle is generally accepted as long as you can provide a registration, proof of insurance, and the vehicle is in good working condition.  However, many stores may prohibit you from storing a non-functioning / project car in fear that the customer will abandon it there and will be left disposing of the vehicle.  The same is true for a large number of tires.  Most facilities will not allow you to store in excess of 4 tires because of the cost of disposing them if they are left behind.

Appliances (plugged in)

Many people store appliances, but it should be known that most facilities will not allow you to plug them in.  Items such as refrigerators, chest freezers, generators or space heaters must be left unplugged throughout the duration of your tenancy.

Plants and Animals

You may not store any type of plant or animal (living or deceased) in your storage unit.  That goes for you as well.  Times are tough, and a climate controlled unit may seem like an attractive alternative to paying rent on an apartment, but this is strictly forbidden.

Other than the items we touched on above almost anything else goes at a self-storage facility, but if you are unsure about something don’t hesitate to ask your store manager.

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