6141 East Shelby Drive Memphis TN 38141

Public Auction at Devon Self Storage at 6140 East Shelby Dr. Memphis TN, 38141. The Property contained in the units will be sold to satisfy the Owner’s lien for rent under the Tennessee Self Storage Facility Act.  Property contained in the units will be sold to the highest bidder via an online auction at www.storagetreasures.com.  Online bidding will begin on May 1,2023, at 10 AM and will continue until May 15, 2023, at 10 AM.  Devon Self Storage reserves the right to set minimum bids and to refuse bids.  Please refer to www.storagetreasures.com for all other terms and conditions governing the bidding and auction process.


PUBLISHED 4/30/2023.


Unit Name Contents
9026 Laura Jones Totes, mattress, box spring, bed rails, cooler, mirror, sofa, chest, mirror, sofa, chair (fold up), headboard, wall art, bags
1014 Terrence Wells Totes, boxes, chairs, lamps, mattress, curio, rug, bed, plants, headboard, artwork
8037 Tshombe White Curio, headboard, foot board, mattress, tires, dresser, chairs, cooler, sofa, wall art
3051 Melinda Vaughan Table, electronics, totes, microwave, vacuum cleaner, clothes, bags, wall art, chair, mirror, purses, rugs
9005 Dewayne Edwards Boxes, mirror, ornament stand, table, rug, microwave, ladder, saw, bags, tools
5026 Kendra Brown Stove and big screen TV “73”
8103 Lisa Cooper Boxes, washer, clothes, luggage, chairs
6030 Michael Malone Artwork, lamps, bags, chair, TV stand, couches, pictures
5029 Carlos Fuller Bags, Bike, Lamps, Blower, Luggage, Pictures, Tools Table
2007 Shanikkia Cox` Boxes, Bags, Mattress, table, lamps, totes, fan, bed rails, Rug
2039 Shanikkia Cox Salon chairs, chest, plant, table, bags, Jack
5050 Shanikkia Cox Bed rails, Footrest, Salon chair, dryer, totes, bookshelf boxes
7045 Aleshia McBride Mattresses, TV, Bags, Clothes, Rug, Suitcase, baby doll house, plastic shelves, table