4705 Winchester Road Memphis TN 38118

Public Auction at Devon Self Storage at 4705 Winchester Road Memphis, TN 38118. The Property contained in the units will be sold to satisfy the Owner’s lien for rent under the Tennessee Self Storage Facility Act.  Property contained in the units will be sold to the highest bidder via an online auction at www.storagetreasures.com.  Online bidding will begin on February 7th at 10 AM and will continue until February 21st, at 10 AM.  Devon Self Storage reserves the right to set minimum bids and to refuse bids.  Please refer to www.storagetreasures.com for all other terms and conditions governing the bidding and auction process.


PUBLISHED 01/31/2023


Unit Name Items
13 Joe Phillips Recliner, deep freezer
23 Tameka Harris Box springs, mattress, table, bed frame, household furniture
29 Candace Gulledge Box fan, clothing, shoes, totes, bags, washer, dryer, space saver, kitchen appliances
109 Robert Renner Totes, dresser, bookshelf, sofa, entertainment center, bags, video games
199 Boris Palmer Shelves, boxes, totes, camping chair, outdoor supplies, moving dolly, barbecue grill, shopping cart, furniture
208 William Nelson Sofas, boxes, keyboard piano, books, bags, bookshelf
271 Joshua Green Boxes, totes, bags, mattress, clothing, toys
344 Chasity Fields Toys, child items, bags, totes, children’s electric car
412 Chante Richmond Christmas tree, boxes, box spring, bed stilts, lamp, drawers, furniture
467 Amia Evon Thompson Toys, drawers, bags, sofa, side table, books, furniture