1210 Gallatin Road South Madison TN 37115

Public Auction at Devon Self Storage 1210 Gallatin Road South Madison TN 37115 . The Property contained in the units will be sold to satisfy the Owner’s lien for rent under the Tennessee Self Storage Facility Act.  Property contained in the units will be sold to the highest bidder via an online auction at www.storagetreasures.com.  Online bidding will begin on 05/02/2022. At 10 AM and will continue until 05/16/2022 at 10 AM.  Devon Self Storage 1210 Gallatin Pike S, Madison, TN 37115 reserves the right to set minimum bids and to refuse bids.  Please refer to www.storagetreasures.com for all other terms and conditions governing the bidding and auction process.


Published: 4/28/2022


Unit Name Items
1037 Crystal Hill Boxes, bags, clothes, shoes
1051 Gazastasia Holt Boxes, furniture, household goods
1071 Dave Martin Furniture
1074 Dave Martin Retro electronics
1119 Donald Johnson Boxes, bags, furniture, household goods
2015 Lonnie Reeder Furniture, household goods
2029 Jose Ramirez Tubs/boxes, household goods, washer/dryer, tools
2097 Brandie Daniel Tubs/boxes. household goods
 2227 Tiffany Fulkerson  Tubs/boxes, household goods, furniture, books, shelves
 2234  Stephen Gold  Couch, coffee table, boxes, clothes
 2344 Porsche Vaughn  Business furniture, household furniture, boxes
 2375  Ronald Lutrick  Clothes, boxes, bags
 2382 Ronald Lutrick  Boxes, bags, wheelchair, amps, furniture
 2400 Elizabeth Ohanlon  Boxes, Christmas decorations
 A0109 Shermane Stuart  Guitar, furniture, refrigerator, mattress, boxes
 B0132  Shannon Wages  Tattoo equipment/table, guitars, boxes
 D0155 Tanisha Quarles  Tricycle, mattress, boxes, dryer, household goods
 E0177  Billy Odom  Aluminum cans, dolly, riding lawnmower
 F0213 Jimmy Williams  Boxes, clothes, furniture
 K0281  Saul Alberto  Refrigerator, boxes, tools
M0333 LV Hendking Tools, boxes, furniture, washer/dryer
N0353 Lemaris Riley Washer/dryer, furniture, boxes, mattress/bedding
O0393 Jordan Smith Generators, TVs, bar equipment/merchandise