Our History

Devon Self Storage History

Devon Self Storage Holdings (US) LLC (“Devon”) is an employee-owned, private real estate company founded in 1988. Over the past 24 years, Devon has owned and/or managed 183 facilities in 24 states and 3 European countries (The Netherlands, France & Germany). Today, Devon Self Storage is ranked as one of the top 15 self storage operators in the U.S.

During the past 24 years Devon has represented:

  • major pension funds;
  • state retirement funds;
  • college endowments;
  • union retirement funds;
  • CMBS Special Servicers;
  • institutional advisory firms; and,
  • high net worth individuals.

We have worked with top lenders throughout the industry, major law firms, and many of the pension advisory and consulting firms.  Devon has experience and developed relationships with all of the major national real estate brokerage firms that are heavily involved in the self storage sector as both a buyer and a seller. Devon’s property management activities are uniquely tailored to accommodate our diverse clientele.  Whether we are tasked to turn around a struggling site or maximize profits through expansion and revenue management, Devon has the flexibility and expertise to guide each property to profitability.

Why Devon Self Storage?

  • 20+ years of self storage operating history;
  • A proven self storage investment philosophy;
  • A long track record of investment success for our investor clients;
  • A seasoned senior management team with a long term track record;
  • The ability to utilize all the modern technology to manage a self storage facility
  • A large network of brokers, lenders, attorneys, title officers, etc. to feed investment opportunities to the company;
  • A proven ability to work with and report to institutional investors; and,
  • A firm philosophy that our clientele has to succeed before the company can succeed.

Our Leadership Team

Over the years Devon’s capital partners have changed, but its core senior management team has worked together, specializing in the self storage sector for over two decades.

Devon has maintained a dedicated self storage operating platform since 1993. Over that time the company has been involved in the acquisition, development, management, and disposition of just under $1 billion of self storage assets.  Our Chairman and CEO, Ken Nitzberg, has served as Chairman of the National Self Storage Association, the self storage industry’s not-for-profit international trade association. There is no other non-public self storage firm in the industry with a stronger or more experienced senior management team.

A Customer-Centric Approach

In addition to our leadership’s experience and expertise, Devon’s success can be attributed to a wholehearted focus on our end consumer. We satisfy the needs and wants of our self storage users by putting an emphasis on the unique storage difficulties in each of our facility locations. We strive to offer a diverse range of unit sizes and amenities as well as expand our offerings to differentiate us from our competitors. Each facility is equipped with beneficial features and friendly storage experts.

Find a Devon Self Storage facility near you to experience our customer-focused professionalism for yourself.